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Hello Weld

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

When getting a vehicle repair or service, you call or visit multiple workshops shopping around for availability ‘n best price.

You select, you get an invoice, you pay! Majority of the time you have little insight on the work done, parts used, warranties, complaints resolution; everything’s on a “need to know” basis.

Trust is lacking in the industry and with this lack of information/transparency corners are cut

Stop, evaluate, and decide where you are headed for the future.

That’s where we landed a few months ago, we were doing a good job connecting local drivers to local mechanics at competitive prices. But to truly solve an age-old motor industry issue we had to take responsibility for industry failures affecting both Drivers and Mechanics.

Rather than aimlessly operating, we decided to pause, celebrate what had been achieved, knowing in order to achieve our vision we needed change!

We won’t sit here and tell you that we have created the best thing since slice bread (close second IMO), instead we’ll tell you how we are bettering the auto industry.

We are building a “WELD” a One Stop Shop for all Auto needs; Auto E-commerce made Easier

Solving pricing transparency, competitive pricing, sales process convenience, supply chain issues; resulting in cost-savings and/or increased margins for vehicle owners and auto businesses.

Our end goal is full integration of auto products and services. Literally anything you could possibly need for your vehicle in a one-stop-shop, no more scrounging through dozens of websites for the best value, it will now be available in one place.

Hello Weld!

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