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How to prevent car theft: 6 Simple Tips

Every other day I see a post online asking to keep an eye out for a stolen car, usually high value, high-tech cars which are desirable on the black market.

In most cases these aren’t violent thefts, the thieves use the high-tech on cars to make off with the vehicles.

So how does it work?

Keyless entry and start is designed for convenience of the driver, using radio waves to communicate with the vehicle to authorise entry and start, when the key is near the car drivers don’t need to actively unlock the car or insert the key to drive; unfortunately, this convenience feature makes stealing the cars more convenient.

Thieves use relay devices which clone/capture the keys signal on one device and then transmit/amplify the signal on the paired device nearer the vehicle to trick the car into thinking the key is present

This process can take under a minute and the thieves can capture the signal metres away from the key

So how can you protect yourselves?

1. Don’t keep your keys near windows and doors – Making it as difficult as possible to capture the signal

2. Faraday pouch/Metal Box (biscuit tin) – Radio waves can’t travel through metal; this is an inexpensive fix with pouches being as cheap as £6. A good way to test the effectiveness, is to attempt to access your vehicle with the key in the pouch/box

3. Turn off fob – Some keys allow you to turn off the signal, check the owner’s manual to see if you can do this

4. Steering Lock – Old but Gold! A physical deterrent that adds time to the theft and requires brute force and tools that modern thieves may not have in their possession

5. Reprogram keys – With used vehicles it is possible there is another set of keys, reprogramming ensures pre-existing keys are unable to access the vehicle

6. Tracker – If your vehicle is stolen this increases the chances of it being located

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