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Why Don't People Trust Mechanics?

Hey Mechanics, do you know all your customers hate you, well that’s an exaggeration, only some of them do.

We understand you are not the bad person, but your customers don’t, and do you know why that is, you don’t do one thing, EXPLAIN!

If you just explained what you actually done in Layman terms and broke down the pricing of the repair including parts, labour, tools & garage equipment used associated overheads and the effect on pricing this could go a long way in repairing (no pun intended) the trust in the industry which is historically known to be an ‘as far as I can throw you thing’.

One story of this is when a customer came to us after a repair with another electrician.

At first a few sensors were damaged, there was many fault codes on the dashboard, the customer wanted the warnings to come off, however after the repair was complete the lights were still on.

Even after the customer paid the full fees for the repair. The Electrician did actually do all the work; however, the warnings just didn’t come off.

The customer felt ripped off, fell out with the electrician and came to us.

All that was missing was the repair being authorised on the Original Manufacturers Server which required a specialist/authorised tool to ‘code’ it in.

That’s a lost customer due to poor communication, had they communicated and guided the customer to the next steps they may have been happy

We’ve seen similar stories in bodywork. Repairs on multiple body panels = higher repair bills due to the increased labour. However, past repairs which looked like more damage cost less, but this was due to less panels being repaired.

Bits of education shows your customers you aren’t evil.

You don’t need to write a full report on what was done but please try your hardest to explain every step of the way in a clear and understandable way

It’s a great way to build customer trust and loyalty; it will also result in the customer recommending you to friends as they have had good experiences with you.

On Weld Platforms we have star ratings, portfolio’s, progress monitors, parts inventories which aid trust and price & information transparency

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